Tuesday, 19 May 2015

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Ralph Lauren brand change marketing strategies. The US fashion brand choice Milan try new luxury business concept, aimed at the introduction of a comprehensive reform of its sales policy. The move is intended to close its multi-brand stores, these stores now also sell its Polo Ralph Lauren parity series and high-end series.

Ralph Lauren headquarters building located in Milan, ralph lauren cheap Sharon will be used for the VIP reception.Located in Milan 4 famous Monte Napoleone (Via Montenapoleone), 2004 opened the Ralph Lauren store is using this multi-brand concept. The store will be closed in June. Milan are now looking for the right brand's series of new Polo shop.

Meanwhile, the Group will begin an unprecedented attempt in September, a new luxury service for high-end customers. Milan's brand through the VIP can enjoy customized "unique personal shopping experience" in the way of luxury atmosphere by appointment.

Ralph Lauren Milan headquarters number ralph lauren sale uk is located behind the famous business district court in Milan Via san Barnaba Street 27, It is a built in 1941, 1,100 square meters of the palace. Ralph Lauren brand the VIP reception will be low-key at this headquarters.

Superior reception will be provided and catering services. Members will be held here Bargains. In addition also provides a capsule collection based on customer requirements.

Ralph Lauren headquarters in Milan will provide customized services for VIP guests

Founder and president of the group, designer ralph lauren outlet online said in a statement, "I want the best for our customers to create personalized and unique hotel experience, be able to demonstrate the highest realm of luxury experience. Our headquarters in Milan palace is this Species perfect showcase new concept, because consumers most appreciate in Milan is the quality and variety of handicraft techniques. "

Group hopes to further strengthen in the Italian market and the overall development of Europe. According to popularity in Milan to launch this new concept, the company plans to extend this model to other markets. .

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Creating its first plunder into fragrances in 1978, Ralph Lauren Perfume innovate Polo for men and Lauren for women to the fashion market. Later on he introduced one after another of different perfume and cologne according to the requirement of public in modern world. Ralph Lauren comes in different product like body lotion, body cream, body spray, deodorant etc. Ralph Lauren company's 2014 performance data released fourth-quarter net income fell 19 percent, but revenue in the wholesale channel brand shows a growing trend, cheap ralph lauren which is rare in other luxury brands. Ralph Lauren wholesale sales increased by 8%, in particular the North American market showed double-digit growth rates,The products were embraced by each and every consumer because it fulfills the need

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Based on this performance data, during the three months ended March 28, the net income Ralph Lauren is $ 124 million, $ 153 million over the same period of the previous year decline in net income for the ralph lauren UK full year of $ 702 million, the amount of net income growth of 1% in the fourth quarter reached $ 1.89 billion.Taking advantage of the momentum is fierce, Lauren vigorously expand the company. Lauren disciple John Varvatos told Bloomberg: "Ralph will not sit back and enjoy the moment, he can enjoy the success, but it will continue to grow, because it is not just a skill."Lauren's design philosophy is simple. He designed his own clothes and movie stars want to wear a suit to wear.In 1993, he told Charlie Rose quipped: "You see Cary Grant wore clothes I design, you can not buy in the store design my own stuff you can not buy, can not be found anywhere.."Lauren take the company public in 1997, listing himself is not sure he wants the shares or board seats, but in the end he still holds 81.5% of voting rights.and requirement for all type of body chemistry. Due to special flavor Ralph Lauren Perfume makes us handsome, beautiful and charming.